Apergy Employees Come to the Rescue After Hurricane Harvey

Letter from Family Affected by Hurricane Harvey

“As one of the nearly 60 employees affected, I have to say this team of colleagues and new friends are amazing. I was able to finally get in my home on Monday to access the damage and move out damaged furniture. That same day, I received a voicemail form Jonathan. My wife and I returned to our home on Tuesday morning to start the real work. I returned Jonathan’s call that morning….within 2 hours, a team of 4 Apergy employees showed up with supplies and tools and began the demo process. On Wednesday, an additional 7 Apergy team members showed up to complete the demo. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude to these individuals and to Apergy for their service. They made short work of what would be a long process. My wife and I are extremely grateful; thanks to these individuals’ kind service, we are in the cleaning and drying phase and hope to transition to rebuilding within a month. My two young children have been with their grandparents since Sunday, so they do not yet understand the extent of these kind and generous deeds, They will be back tomorrow and they will definitely learn of the kindness shown to our family.”

“Me and my family are forever grateful to these individuals, to Apergy, and to all of you who have offered well wishes and support. My best wishes go out to the other Apergy employees affected by Harvey; I also know they are in good hands with this volunteer team.”

Thanks to all.  —Jimmy