Corporate Citizenship

ChampionX believes that how we perform as a corporate citizen is important to our success and also intrinsic as a purpose-driven company. We continuously strive to enhance our communication with stakeholders regarding the important topics that comprise corporate citizenship – including environmental, social and governance matters.

Journey to Zero“At ChampionX, we focus on collaboration with our customers, protecting the health and safety of our employees, minimizing our impact on the environment through our products and practices, creating a culture of respect and inclusion, and supporting our local communities. Together, these characteristics are central to our role as a good corporate citizen.”


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Greenhouse Gases
At ChampionX, we're working hard to do our part in the industry by providing products that help minimize emissions and enhance the operational effectiveness of our customers. We work to achieve this goal by being active stewards of our environment, whether it's minimizing our own footprint through the impact of our operations, or innovating leading solutions that drive supportable growth by more efficiently using the world's resources.

This is a journey, and we are highly focused on continuous progress and improvements – with projects actively underway including lighting and machine efficiency upgrades, manufacturing process optimization, heating recovery and other efforts.

ChampionX also is helping create a more sustainable energy infrastructure by applying advanced information and communications technologies to the fields of oil and gas production and transportation and greenhouse gas monitoring.

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Waste & Pollution
ChampionX's waste reduction efforts focus on diverting waste from the landfill in order to reduce our environmental footprint, conserve valuable operational resources and help the communities that we serve. All ChampionX manufacturing and distribution sites must manage waste responsibly in accordance with appropriate laws and regulations and our internal standards.

In an effort to promote the responsible management of both our natural and financial assets, ChampionX actively encourages our operations to recycle a variety of materials that flow through our value chain. In partnership with our vendors, we have implemented multiple recycling programs for materials such as cardboard, plastic, solvents and more. Through these programs, we reduce our environmental impact and encourage our associates and members to do the same.

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Energy & Resource Management
ChampionX businesses are committed to creating innovative products and processes that help customers, suppliers and consumers improve their energy efficiency, reduce emissions and protect health and safety. For example, ChampionX's Windrock group specializes in monitoring and optimizing reciprocating assets. That business has launched the Spotlight Monitoring System, an automated, real-time solution that leverages IIoT principles to deliver insights into the health and performance of critical assets.

We are also monitoring our own energy consumption at sites, always looking for creative solutions to help reduce our impact on the environment.

To learn more about the new Spotlight Monitoring System, please visit


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ChampionX's culture is built on the principle of improving lives – not only our customers, shareholders and communities – but also for dedicated and highly skilled employees around the world. As a result of this cultural imperative, honoring and encouraging diversity is a key strength found across our business. This culture also values the varied backgrounds and perspectives of each of our team members.

Said simply, we believe that when we embrace the different ideas, perspectives and backgrounds that make each of us unique, we — as individuals and as a company — are stronger. We believe this outlook helps us attract, retain and engage the top talent around the world, and thus, equips us to better serve our customers.

We recognize that building for the future also requires that we maintain our talent advantage. In that regard, diversity and inclusion is a critical component of ChampionX's ongoing talent agenda. By creating a welcoming environment that brings together people with different backgrounds and perspectives, we enable new ideas, cultivate innovation and sustain a culture in which employees feel valued, respected, supported and empowered.

Moreover, ChampionX is committed to providing a work environment free of from unlawful discrimination and harassment based on any status or activity protected by applicable law, such as race, color, creed, citizenship status, religion, sex, veteran status, or any other status protected by applicable law. We promote an open-door environment, where active and ongoing dialogue with employees can occur, constantly driving for improvement.

Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Our People
We’re committed to improving the health and wellbeing of our people. People are critical to the success of our business, and we want them to be safe, healthy, purposeful, and fully engaged in the important work we do. We work with best-in-class partners to improve the accessibility and affordability of quality healthcare for our employees and families and support the communities in which we live.

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ChampionX is committed to Health, Safety and the Environment (HSE) excellence – driven by the belief that all incidents are preventable. Despite recent strong success in this area, we must be ever vigilant in this area. We are investing in technology to drive behavior based improvements, conducting assessments at our locations, and are relentlessly pursuing an organization that is incident free.

Our Journey to ZERO is a commitment to our employees, customers and communities to operate safely every day.

To protect health at the worksite, we require all employees, without exception, to wear appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for the task at hand. After all, healthy people are the foundation of a healthy business — and we’re committed to fostering an environment that promotes wellness and overall good health as part of our commitment to “improving lives.”

ChampionX's global Stop Work program plays a key role in preventing incidents. Our team members and contractors have the authority – and the obligation – to stop a task if they observe an unsafe action or condition at a worksite, or have a concern regarding the control of a health, safety or environmental risk. As such, ChampionX team members have the full support of their team and managers to shut down their own work or the work of others anytime they observe an unsafe condition.

To learn more about our HSE programs, practices and policies click here.

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ChampionX team members are working to give back and enhance the lives of people in our neighborhoods and communities, to support the children in our local schools and STEM programs, and to reach out to the less fortunate around the world. We're lending a helping hand to those that need a little extra help through our volunteer, community-giving, and Engineering Good initiatives.

By teaming up with world-class partners and our employees, we're donating thousands of hours of service yearly and tens of thousands of dollars to local communities and to humanitarian organizations around the world. Learn more here.


ChampionX's Board of Directors and Senior management, led by the Chief Executive Officer, are committed to implementing sound corporate governance practices that ensure that the company operates ethically and with integrity and is managed to maximize the long-term interests of its shareholders.

These values inspire our innovation and focus our expertise as we build and sustain the trust of our customers, shareholders and employees. ChampionX further recognizes that strong corporate governance plays an important part in achieving our objective of enhancing the long-term value of the company.

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Values / Ethics & Training
At ChampionX, we understand that our success depends on our reputation for conducting business in a legally compliant and ethical manner. Our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics (our “Code”) assists each ChampionX team members in upholding our Values as we pursue our goal to be the leader in every market we serve.

Our Code also guides us as to how to engage in ethical, responsible and legal business practices in all of our operations around the world. Our Code shows us how to interact ethically with our stakeholders — including our fellow employees, customers, suppliers, competitors, governments and communities — and act in the best interests of our shareholders.

The Code applies to all employees, officers and directors of the Company and its subsidiaries, and to all third parties that conduct business on behalf of ChampionX. It serves as the foundation of our ethics and acts as an extension to our values. Employees, officers and directors are required to certify compliance with the Code on an annual basis.

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Reporting & Transparency
ChampionX is committed to publicly reporting our progress on an annual basis, discussing the opportunities and challenges that we encounter as we work to enhance our performance and conduct our business in the most responsible manner possible.

ChampionX recognizes that timely, appropriate and fair disclosure is important to obtain a fair evaluation of corporate value from the capital markets. To achieve this goal, ChampionX manages and discloses its information, such as information regarding business management and operation, in accordance with applicable laws and regulations, including the listing regulations of New York Stock Exchange.

Of interest to many stakeholder are the disclosures contained in our Annual Report and Proxy Statement.

In addition to the timely disclosure and other communication through ChampionX's website, ChampionX makes efforts to have direct communications with our shareholders and investors, such as holding various presentation meetings and responding to daily enquiries. Requests and opinions received from our shareholders and investors through such communications are shared within the company and used to enhance our corporate value. To learn more about our Board of Directors and related corporate governance practices please click here.

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ChampionX has put in place a process to identify, assess, report and monitor enterprise risks to the Company, which include operational risks, product risks and infrastructure risks. This process complements our Financial Risk Management (FRM) process and ensures:

  • Identification and monitoring of critical risks at the Company
  • Identification of appropriate ChampionX personnel with accountability for managing those risks
  • Assistance to risk owners with risk quantification, reporting, mitigation planning and monitoring