Apergy Donates Computers to Facilitate Online Learning as Part of COVID-19 Response

Apergy has always been committed to supporting “technology with impact” to solve our industry’s greatest challenges. That same thinking is behind our recent donations of re-purposed laptops from several locations nationwide to meet the pressing needs of students who may lack this critical tool as they adapt to online learning due to COVID-19 related shelter in place restrictions. We partnered with Comp-U-Dopt, Inc and similar organizations to ensure the computers are thoughtfully distributed and helping fulfill our purpose of improving lives.


According to recent studies, greater than 30% of economically disadvantaged families lack access to a computer at home.  This impacts their family time, ability to do homework, and even creates social barriers. Without computer literacy and regular access, a world of content and knowledge is unwittingly beyond the reach of these students.


In addition, more than 75% of all jobs in the U.S. require tech skills and 58% of all STEM jobs are computer science jobs yet only 8% of college graduates elect paths in this field.  Donations of re-purposed computers give students access and exposure to technology we give them the opportunity to see a new path forward.


Donations also benefit the environment.  Greater than 80% of e-waste is sent to landfills producing 20M pounds of e-waste annually. Comp-U-Dopt’s unique program model repairs and refurbishes these tools, keeping them out of landfill and giving them a second life with a young learner without access to technology at home.


Learn how you can help at https://lnkd.in/eWPVbPB.