Artificial Lift Technologies


Whatever your production challenge is, ChampionX Artificial Lift has a solution. Our Artificial Lift experts work with you to understand your short-term challenges and long-term goals. We fine tune the right lift solution, drawing from our complete portfolio of Artificial Lift technologies, application expertise and in-depth analytical tools. For every stage of the field's operating life, we will help meet our customers production goals quickly, safely and most cost effectively.

Artificial Lift Products

ESP Systems

We are a full-system ESP service provider dedicated to optimizing field production and mitigating operations risks for each client. Our fully integrated UNBRIDLED® ESP system includes everything from centrifugal pumps to web-based monitoring systems to electrical controls - a comprehensive production solution with a track record of performance. ChampionX ESP Systems partners with each client to boost production including the most challenging well scenarios; high-volume producing wells (up to 20,000 bpd), horizontal or highly deviated wells, and deep, high-temperature wells.
ChampionX ESP Systems has been awarded the ISO 9001:2015 QMS Certification for Sales, Service and Headquarters operations in the Permian Basin and Mid-Con areas.

Artificial Lift Products

Gas Lift

Gas Lift uses a high-pressure source to inject gas into the production string. From first oil to depletion, our Gas Lift solution delivers flexible ways to optimize current production and accommodate changing well conditions. Our Gas Lift team works with our customers as production partners, getting the industry’s widest breadth of technologies and services to achieve today’s production goals.

Artificial Lift Products

Rod Lift Solutions

ChampionX Artificial Lift has the strongest portfolio of reciprocating rod lift solutions in the industry. Built on expertise of our well-respected rod lift service brands, Norris, Alberta Oil Tool and UPCO sucker rods, Pro-Rod and Harbison-Fischer down-hole pumps along with industry standards in automation technologies, we combine the best designs with the highest manufacturing quality.

Artificial Lift Products

Hydraulic Lift

Hydraulic Lift draws on decades of experience and unparalleled expertise to deliver a full range of innovative hydraulic lift systems and services. Manufactured in Odessa, Texas, and shipped globally, our jet pumps, hydraulic reciprocating pumps, and positive displacement surface pumps are custom-built for salt water disposal and to boost production in deep and deviated wells. Hydraulic Pumps are rugged, have long lives and are typically field repairable, cutting replacement costs.

Artificial Lift Products

Plunger Lift

Plunger lift is one of the most economical ways to achieve maximum deliquification, particularly in marginal and aging wells. It uses a well’s own energy in combination with a plunger to cost-effectively lift and remove accumulated liquids. Our PCS Ferguson plunger lift systems maximize well deliquification at minimal cost to solve your production challenges.

Artificial Lift Products

Progressing Cavity Pump Systems

Oil Lift Technology's PCP system solution, including optimization and design services, ensure that all equipment is customized to the individual well’s requirements. One-on-one consultations with our technical experts provide each operator with the right recommendations regarding rod-guide design, materials and spacing. PCPs offer proven solutions to the industry's most pressing operational problems including horizontal applications, high temperature production and environmental contamination

Artificial Lift Products

Production Automation and Optimization

ChampionX Artificial Lift's Production Automation and Optimization Solutions elevate production monitoring to new heights by bringing real-time well data to remote users throughout the world. Built on Theta's XSPOC, our solutions provide remote access and control of well operations, including the ability to minimize lifting cost and real-time surveillance through audio/video capabilities.