ChampionX Digital

Enabling Enterprise-Wide Transformations By Predictably Optimizing Performance

In order to grow, you’ve got to be in the know—and we can get you there. Our intelligent automation software, hardware, and live expert support systems will enable your entire enterprise to collaborate more effectively.

Our technologies allow for more actionable data visualization, help predict and prevent catastrophic equipment breakdowns, and enhance safety. With our help, you can make more informed decisions to optimize productivity and increase your return on investment.

Wellsite Automation

Intelligently Optimizing The Entire Life-Cycle Of The Well

In a world where less is more, wellsites are no exception. Our full automation offering delivers wellsite productivity enhancement with relevance to all equipment at the wellsite and throughout the entire life cycle of the well, helping you to optimize production, prevent downtime, minimize lifting costs and maintain the highest standards of human and environmental safety.

Our intuitive technologies provide on-demand remote visibility of your entire field of assets through the use of secure cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and the ever expanding Internet of Things (IoT). For the benefit of your return on investment, we’re able to leverage advanced analytics and operational insights from across your entire enterprise.

Asset Integrity Monitoring

Delivering An Intelligent Ecosystem For The Next Industrial Revolution

Anyone can obtain data. It’s how it’s implemented that counts.
We strive to create holistic solutions that not only supply relevant data, but make it easy to understand and highly actionable. Our innovative smart devices in the field provide unique and disruptive value to the market.

With a combination of hardware and data visualization software, we give your enterprise the ability to proactively avoid catastrophic scenarios, cut costs, maximize safety, and increase performance oversights. Our asset integrity monitoring solutions give you real-time insight into what's happening in and around your equipment before, during, and after production—empowering you to make better-informed decisions.

Downhole Monitoring

World-Renowned For Providing Extremely Accurate Data

For nearly 30 years, we have led the world in innovating and manufacturing essential oil and gas technologies such as quartz pressure transducers and hybrid electronics. Our proprietary offerings have become the industry standard, elevating how critical data is used to assess the performance of a reservoir and increase oil production.

Our sensors are world-renowned for providing intensely accurate and high-resolution data under the most extreme conditions. This proven technology is utilized in a wide range of circumstances and especially recognized by leaders in downhole applications throughout the entire life of a well.