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At Apergy we believe that every company, large or small, can benefit from having an organized and functional safety council staffed with involved, contributing employees.

Read how a recent worldwide survey recognized Apergy as a top-ranked company in building customer loyalty

To help ease burden, Harbison-Fischer, An Apergy Company raised over $2,000 of supplies for schools

We are committed to sustainability. From our green headquarters to our products, we seek to foster a healthy environment….

Quartzdyne’s new memory tool lithium batteries with automatic battery tracking reduce impacts on environment by allowing for full utilization of a battery cells and premature disposal….

The MIZER® No-Bleed Pilot Valve is the most cost-effective solution for converting high-bleed pneumatic controls to low-bleed operation. This device effectively stops continuous bleed operation….

At Apergy, we are all about “more.” Our Digital team members, for example, are more than just pioneers in IIoT. They are mentors, tutoring students

Apergy’s was recently highlighted at the Junior Achievement of Utah’s Governor’s Breakfast as one of the top four organizations

Team members at Apergy’s Windrock Inc have been doing their part collecting and delivering much-needed food.

At Apergy, we are proud to share the summer with three talented interns.