Drilling Technologies

PCD Cutters and Diamond Bearings

Meet the toughest PCD cutters and diamond bearings that you'll ever use. The oil and gas exploration business demands speed, durability, and toughness. And there's no place where those three things matter more than where diamond meets rock at the bottom of a hole.

That's why we've spent more than a decade perfecting our polycrystalline diamond cutters and diamond bearings to drill faster and last longer—especially in tough conditions that test the limits of the most durable drilling equipment.

Our Quality

Delivering Longer Tool Life

We're making long-lasting polycrystalline diamond cutters and diamond bearings for applications in down-hole drilling tools.

Our engineering teams and technicians press our own PCD and finishing each part to exact specifications to give you confidence that your high-performance product will hold up under extreme conditions. Our cutters and bearings are perfectly designed to run in harsh, corrosive environments. Our cutters lead the industry in drilling performance; and our diamond bearings are designed to run without any seals or lubrication. Instead of sealing out drilling mud or salt water, our diamond bearings actually use the mud or water as an operating fluid.

Our Process

The Diamond in Drilling

We've spent decades perfecting our man-made diamond technology, using a high-pressure, high-temperature sintering process. This process fuses individual diamond crystals together and then bonds the diamond material to a tungsten carbide substrate. The carbon structure of diamond creates a unique superhard engineering material that unlocks tremendous value in high hardness, longer life, high thermal conductivity and increased wear resistance--making our diamond an ideal cutting structure and bearing material. We then rigorously test for impact and tensile strength, abrasion resistance, and thermal stability. These efforts have helped us earn a reputation for superior quality, durability, and performance in the field.

US Synthetic Product Family

  • Creating the longest-lasting PCD cutters for the world's most demanding oil exploration and development projects.

  • Keeping rotary steerable systems, down hole motors, pumps, and turbines running in the most challenging environments.

  • Improving production and safety for underground mining operations. Drilling 50-200 times longer than traditional carbide products.