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ChampionX is a global leader in chemistry programs and services, drilling technology, artificial lift solutions, and automation technologies for the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry. We bring more than a century of expertise and 7,000 team members to deliver forward-thinking innovations, unmatched global supply chain capability, and market-shaping solutions in reservoir, drilling, production, midstream, and water applications. Our world-class safety culture fuels our purpose to improve lives through our commitment to deliver sustainable operations.

Chemical Technologies

We are focused on providing the unrivaled expertise of oilfield chemical management. Through onsite problem solving and the application of innovative technologies, we maximize production and optimize water reuse with chemistry solutions for the reservoir, production, and midstream oil and gas markets.

Drilling Technologies

The oil and gas industry demands speed, durability, and toughness. And there's no place where those three things matter more than where diamond meets rock at the bottom of a hole.

That's why we've spent decades perfecting our polycrystalline diamond cutters (PDCs) and diamond bearings to drill faster and last longer—especially in the toughest applications and at the limits of the most durable drilling equipment.

With a focus on constant innovation and advanced diamond technology, we perform more than 15,000 tests per year to ensure consistent quality and enhanced product performance at our industry-leading, in-house testing facility. We employ lean manufacturing principles and high-velocity problem solving to maximize the value we deliver.

Artificial Lift Technologies

Apergy Artificial Lift designs customized solutions for the most challenging production scenarios. Whether our customer's wells require Rod Lift, Progressive Cavity Pump, Hydraulic, Plunger or Gas Lift or Electrical Submersible Pumping with wellsite automation, we work together to lift our customers field production to its full potential.

Apergy Digital

We're extremely future-focused. Because we need to be. We offer you some of the most effective and advanced solutions for intelligent automation software, productivity tools and expert services in the energy sector. Our technologies will help you visualize, monitor, predict and optimize performance to improve your productivity, safety and return on investment through the use of advanced analytics, secure cloud computing and the internet of things (IoT).

Production Equipment

Accelerated Process Systems is an integrated product and service supplier for the energy industry worldwide. We provide comprehensive wellhead production equipment, offshore production, advanced oil/water separation, gas conditioning, process heating, and pressure vessel products for the upstream, midstream, chemical, refining and power plant markets.


We are dedicated to serving our employees and their families. We recognize the right of every employee to be properly trained, have access to the right equipment, tools, and materials, and work in a safe environment.

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